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About PPS Jackson

Better Schools for a Better Tomorrow

Parents for Public Schools of Jackson brings together people of all races, classes and geographies to improve public education in Jackson. We’ve worked for over twenty years in the belief that the community and schools are forever intertwined. From that belief, we’ve created programs that support public education through community engagement. You can get involved whether you’re a parent, member of the community or already working in our public schools. Everyone has something valuable to offer to better our community and improve the lives of all children.

Board of Directors

Nancy Sylvester, President

Annie Archie, Vice President

Tonja Murphy, Treasurer

Tom Head, Secretary

Charles H. Tucker

Catherine Moore Lee

Richard Middleton

Sean Perkins

Ollye Shirley, Emeritus (Posthumous)

Fredrick Nolan

Jeanhee Kang


Carolyn Jolivette, Executive Director
(601)969-6015, ext. 302

Edie Graham, Program Manager (601)969-6015, ext. 306

Gwen Gardner, Principal in Residence
(601)969-6015, ext. 305

Earl Watkins, Consulting Partner

I am because we are

Parents for Public Schools Jackson has adopted a philosophy from southern Africa called Ubuntu. At its core, Ubuntu is best described as “I am because we are.” While we are all individuals in our gifts and personalities, we are all connected to something bigger — humanity.
Concern for one another, not just ourselves and our families, is necessary to improve the quality of life for all of us, starting with a focus on our children.


We work to engage and build the capacity of parents to advocate for and affect change in public schools and school systems. We work toward quality, equitable education for ALL children. Our programs and activities advance three primary goals including:

  • teaching parents how to become partners in the education of their children;
  • ensuring quality teaching and learning for all children;
  • engaging the public in active support of educating all children.

Form 990

Parents for Public Schools of Jackson, Inc. complies with the public inspection requirements of exempt organizations. To request a copy of Form 990 – Organization Exempt from Income Tax or Form 1023 – Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, please click on the link to or telephone the office of Parents for Public Schools of Jackson at 601-969-6015.

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